London Marathon Sports Massage

London Marathon Sports Massage

Running the London marathon? Need a sports massage? Sports massage can be helpful promote recovery before the big day.  We have outlined some of the benefits of sports massage pre and post the marathon.

What are the Physical benefits of having a sports massage:

Improves tissue permeability: this allows nutrients and oxygen to reach the cells more quickly. Aids removal of muscle tissue waste products such as lactic acid.

  • Improved flexibility: Massage helps improve the movement of the muscle tissue and surrounding tissues improving flexibility.

  • Blood Flow: Massage aids blood flow to the muscles which improves healing. 

  • Pain relief: the presence of waste products and tension within a muscle can be painful. Massage also releases the body’s natural endorphins producing pain relief.

Promoting Relaxation: Through improving blood circulation and warming muscles and soothing neural structures this can promote activation of parasympathetic nervous system promoting relaxation and reduction in the stress response that may be present due to training por other demands. 

What our sports massage experts recommend

Emma and Alain are experienced Physiotherapists and have both been highly trained in delivering sports massage.  

The benefits of sports massage can be reaped at any stage of training but most importantly prior to the big day and after the marathon to aid healing and repair. 

Your therapist will be able to identify what areas of the muscle are problematic and will advise how these areas should be worked to reduce the tension.   

Sports massage in the final week

It’s very helpful to get a massage during the final week before the marathon. This is the time to keep stretching, get as much rest as possible and eat well. But it can be a frustrating time as some people are itching to run!

Don’t forget to book your post marathon massage for the week after the race. Massage helps the microscopic damage to your muscles repair. It will ease that post event soreness. Your body will need all the help it can get to recover fully. 

So, if your one of the lucky participants of the London Marathon 2019 don’t forget to book your appointment today. 

Sports Massage Prices

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