Management of Tendinopathies

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Tendinopathies can be difficult to treat and can cause people pain for a long time without the right treatment plan. It is essential to obtain a balance of strengthening the tendon without pushing yourself too far and causing a flare in your symptoms. I have put together a patent information leaflet to help guide people through this process.

You have been diagnosed with a tendinopathy. From the research carried out in tendinopathies we know that they do not improve quicker with rest and this can prolong the rehab as you will not regain strength in that muscle/tendon without strengthening exercises or movement.

It is important for your rehab that you remain as active as you can, but we want to minimise the amount of flares in your pain as pain can cause muscles to weaken further.

Hence, it is important that we find a balance between pain and function.

The pain monitoring model can be useful in guiding you with your recovery.

Sometimes after activity (usually 24 hours) you can have an increase in your pain. If the pain is greater than 4/5 then you should reduce the hold or amount of repetitions of the exercise and then wait and see what your response is. If it acceptable then you would be advised to keep going with these exercises until pain reduces further and then you can progress them yourself ie> increasing hold/ reps.

If you have any concerns about your exercises, please don’t hesitate to contact me on

Emma Condon