ACL Reconstruction – Recent evidence around the dilemma

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The Anterior Cruciate Ligament is a ligament within the knee which helps add stability to the knee joint. Historically, reconstruction surgery was the mainstay for treatment and conservative management was rarely considered. 

There is a shift in the tide and the research that is currently emerging – High quality studies have been promoting conservative management for people who have experienced their 1st rupture in young moderately active, non-professional athletes.

A well conducted study has shown that 5 years post-injury patients who continue non-operatively or had delayed reconstruction show similar function, quality of life, OA changes and return to sport numbers than those that have early ACL reconstruction surgery. 

Evidence is showing that only 5% of patients are receiving adequate rehabilitation that is line with current practice guidelines (Ebert et al). At SE16 Physiotherapy we assess the most importance and evidence based psychological and physical outcomes to ensure a successful recovery and patient goal attainment. 

Not all ACL ruptures require reconstruction. 

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